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TitleNumber of FilesInfoComplete
BEEB20This was a weekly children’s magazine centered on the most popular children’s TV programs of the time. A competitor of Look-in but only lasted for 20 issues. The magazine just stopped with no announcement or resolution of any of the stories. Yes
Look-in652 Look-in ran from Jan 9th 1971 until Mar 12th 1994. Dubbed the Junior TV Times it focused on ITV shows and TV listings aimed towards the young. No
Radio Times39The first issue appeared on Sep 28th 1923 and is still running today. It was the world’s first broadcast listings magazineNo
TV Times694The first issue appeared on Sep 22nd 1955 and initially carried only listings for ITV. The magazine produces regionalised issues depending on which ITV franchise catchment area you live. No
TV Zone115Published every four weeks the initial focus was on Sci-Fi but over the years the content included comedy and cult mainstream dramas. Running for 232 issues from Sep 1989 until Dec 2008No

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