Maddie McCann

Written in 2011 and published on the now defunct Suffolk Sports Forum

It’s now four years since the McCanns discovered that their eldest daughter, Madeleine was missing. What actually happened on that fateful night in Portugal we will never know. Did one or both of the McCanns kill her? Did a sick paedophile stumble upon the fact a four year old and 18 month old twins had been LEFT ALONE and snatched her? Did she wander off and get taken by a childless couple who are now bringing her up as their own?

I don’t think we’ll ever find out the truth. If the McCanns are 100% innocent then they have my upmost sympathy. If not I hope they rot in hell. A few questions are left unanswered. Why did the McCanns leave their children unattended? If she was snatched why did the abductor(s) leave the twins? and most importantly why are the McCanns using their missing child to make money?

There is now a book out by the McCanns. Launched on the day that would have been/is Madeleines’ 8th birthday. That seems a tad sick to me. Making money out of your missing kids is wrong. Especially if you are partly to blame for their disappearance. By that I’m not saying they killed her but why the fuck did they leave her (and the twins) alone in a foreign country?

According to Lorraine Kelly, the McCanns are ‘very brave’ for sharing their plight with the nation. No they ain’t. Brave is the 19 year old who is learning to walk with false legs after getting his blown off in Afghanistan fighting a war no one wants.  They now want the government to launch an official enquiry. With tax payers money. I’m sorry but no. Use the profits from your new book!

There has been too much media focus on this case. The McCanns are both qualified doctors and can be described as affluent middle classers. Do you think the media would be as keen to run the story if the parents were an unemployed fork lift driver and his never once worked wife who had a kid snatched from a caravan in Clacton? Not a chance.

This sorry saga needs closure. We all need to know the truth. I don’t think we ever will. Before we finish up lets spare a thought for the one person in this who is totally innocent and that’s Madeleine. She didn’t deserve to be left alone and if she is dead lets hope it was quick and she didn’t suffer.

As a footnote here’s a final thought “Don’t EVER leave your young children unattended!”