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Billy’s Boots15The story of Billy Dane as read in SCORCHER, TIGER, EAGLE and ROY OF THE ROVERS including annuals and specials as well as the spin off Billy’s Sports School
Dan Dare6The full Dan Dare story as read in the relaunched EAGLE comic
Football Family Robinson3The football dynasty story starts in JAG and continued in TIGER when the two papers merged.
Hot-Shot Hamish8The giant Scottish footballer made his debut in SCORCHER before appearing in TIGER and ultimately joining ROY OF THE ROVERS and teaming up with Mighty Mouse
Jimmy Grant4The story of Jimmy Grant from his school days, joining United, his move abroad to Ramoli before finishing his career with Alton Rovers. As read in CHAMP and VICTOR
Johnny Cougar8The full TIGER story of the beatnik wrestler and his band of many followers including Splash Gorton.
Martin’s Marvellous Mini3Another TIGER story that was a firm favourite with the readers
Mighty Mouse3Short, fat and half blind. But what a player. Meet Mighty Mouse the part time pro footballer from TIGER
Nipper4Nipper debuted in SCORE N ROAR before moving to SCORCHER and then TIGER
Roy of the Rovers24the FULL Roy story from TIUGER and then his own comic ROY OF THE ROVERS. Includes spin offs found in SHOOT and MATCH as well as annuals, and specials along with the Roy Race School Days story.
Safest Hands in Soccer4From ROY OF THE ROVERS this tells the story of top goalkeeper Gordon Stewart.
Skid Solo6From the pages of HURRICANER before a merger with TIGER. This is the story of one of the greatest drivers ever to be found in comics
The Hard Man4Johnny Dexter’s first story ran for 9 years in ROY OF THE ROVERS before he spun off to Dexter’s Dozen before ending his career at Melchester with Roy.
The Thirteenth Floor2First appearing in the short lived SCREAM the story continued in EAGLE.
Tommy’s Troubles5Another long runner with almost 10 years service in ROY OF THE ROVERS

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