Verso’s Home Run – Episodes 33 to 45 (2022)

Episodes from 22nd Sep to 29th Dec 2022

Guests include:- Tom Diaper, Gary Fry, Matt Thorpe, Mel Green, Claire Flint, Sarah from Cuppa and Shaun Real

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Episode 33Tom Diaper22nd Sep 2022
Episode 34Gary Fry29th Sep 2022
Episode 35Matt Thorpe20th Oct 2022
Episode 36Michelle Mitchell27th Nov 2022
Episode 37Fireworks Music Special3rd Nov 2022
Episode 38Mel Green10th Nov 2022
Episode 39Claire Flint17th Nov 2022
Episode 40Sarah from Cuppa24th Nov 2022
Episode 41Shaun Real – Pick the Playlist1st Dec 2022
Episode 42Andy Proctor8th Dec 2022
Episode 4315th Dec 2022
Episode 44Alternative Christmas with Chris Versey22nd Dec 2022
Episode 45Recap the year 29th Dec 2022