Verso’s Home Run – Episodes 33 to 44 (2022)


Episodes from 22nd Sep to 29th Dec 2022

Guests include:- Tom Diaper, Gary Fry, Matt Thorpe, Mel Green, Claire Flint, Sarah from Cuppa, Shaun Real and the legend that is Andy Proctor.

Episode 33Tom Diaper – DJ and music production22nd Sep 2022
Episode 34Gary Fry – Fire service and funeral parlors29th Sep 2022
Episode 35Matt Thorpe – Quizzing20th Oct 2022
Episode 36Michelle Mitchell – World Transplant Games27th Oct 2022
Episode 37Fireworks Music Special3rd Nov 2022
Episode 38Mel Green – Update from show earlier in year10th Nov 2022
Episode 39Claire Flint – Seals17th Nov 2022
Episode 40Sarah from Cuppa24th Nov 2022
Episode 41Shaun Real – Pick the Playlist1st Dec 2022
Episode 42Alternative Christmas Songs15th Dec 2022
Episode 43Andy Proctor – Volunteering22nd Dec 2022
Episode 44Recap the year & Jules Button29th Dec 2022

The Episodes

Download all the episodes from my personal cloud:- Home Run 2022 Episodes 33 to 44

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