Verso’s Home Run – Episodes 17 to 32 (2023)


Well into 2023 now with the next lot of shows

Guests include:- Julian Gant, Dickie Hazlewood, Dave Lambert, Janine Edwards, Ian Watson, Iain Maitland

Ep 17Julian’s Eurovison – Julian Gant selects his favourite Eurovision songs9th May 2023
Ep 18Dickie Hazlewood – Dickie comes in and picks the playlist16th May 2023
Ep 19Verso’s top tens – Overrates solo artists and overrated bands23rd May 2023
Ep 20Stars of The Bill come in for a chat as does the serial killer hunter, David Swindle30th May 2023
Ep 21Ian Watson – My old mate. Now living in Dubai6th Jun 2023
Ep 22Iain Maitland – Local author comes in to discuss new book13th Jun 2023
Ep 23Dave Lambert – Dave has selected his songs27th Jun 2023
Ep 24America – It’s Independence Day so all songs featuring American artists4th Jul 2023
Ep 2511th Jul 2023
Ep 2618th Jul 2023
Ep 2725th Jul 2023
Ep 281st Aug 2023
Ep 298th Aug 2023
Ep 3015th Aug 2023
Ep 3122nd Aug 2023
Ep 3229th Aug 2023

The Episodes

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Download the Files

Download all the episodes (17 to 32) from my personal cloud:- Verso’s Home Run (2023) Episodes 17 to 32

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