Verso’s Home Run – Episodes 17 to 32 (2022)

Episodes from 19th May through to 15th Sep 2022

Guests include:- Jamie Clarke, David Ablitt, Jordan Warne, Sam Phillips, Iain Maitland, Chris Versey, Lucy Sheehan, Lee Hunt and Tim Kenny. There’s also some music only episodes with specials featuring:- Album titles, Cover Versions and Mash Ups

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Episode 17Jamie Clarke19th May 2022
Episode 18Album Titles26th May 2022
Episode 19David Ablitt2nd Jun 2022
Episode 20Jordan Warne9th Jun 2022
Episode 21The Beatles with Chris Versey16th Jun 2022
Episode 22Jordan Barrow7th July 2022
Episode 23The Songs of Summer14th July 2022
Episode 24Sam Phillips21st July 2022
Episode 25The NEIGHBOURS special28th July 2022
Episode 26Iain Maitland4th Aug 2022
Episode 27The COVER VERSION Special9th Aug 2022
Episode 28The MASH UP Special11th Aug 2022
Episode 29Lucy Sheehan18th Aug 2022
Episode 30Lee Hunt25th Aug 2022
Episode 31Tim Kenny1st Sep 2022
Episode 32Songs of Reflection15th Sep 2022