Verso’s Home Run – Episodes 1 to 16 (2023)


A brand new year so a brand new set of shows

Guests include:- Jimmy Simmonds, Kim Boynton, Dave Walne, Andy Phillips, Steve Mountain, Andy Crump, Izzy Peebles and Kirstie Smith as well as the return of Craig Wiggins, Steve Cox, Dave Ablitt and Jamie Clarke

Episode 1Verso’s 2023 Gigs – Songs from bands I’m off to see in 20235th Jan 2023
Episode 2Felixstowe – Songs (tenuously) linked to Felixstowe12th Jan 2023
Episode 3Craig Wiggins – Kids TV19th Jan 2023
Episode 4Jimmy Simmonds – Pick the Playlist26th Jan 2023
Episode 560’s, 70’s and songs that others may not know2nd Feb 2023
Episode 6Kim Clayton – General chat and Dad Rock9th Feb 2023
Episode 7Dave Walne – Music, general, charity and a bit of nonsense16th Feb 2023
Episode 8Andy Phillips – Pick the Playlist2nd Mar 2023
Episode 9Steve Mountain – Sea Shantys and more from Andy Phillips9th Mar 2023
Episode 10Andy Crump – Inspire Suffolk and local football14th Mar 2023
Episode 11Kirstie Smith – Pick the Playlist21st Mar 2023
Episode 12Izzy Peebles – Pick the Playlist28th Mar 2023
Episode 13Verso’s Birthday11th Apr 2023
Episode 14Dave Ablitt – All About Dave18th Apr 2023
Episode 15Coxy’s Playlist25th Apr 2023
Episode 16Jamie Clarke2nd May 2023

The Episodes

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Download the Files

Download all the episodes (1 to 16) from my personal cloud:- Verso’s Home Run (2023) Episodes 1 to 16

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