Verso’s Classic Charts – Episodes 21 to 32 (2023)

The last lot of episodes from the Verso’s Classic charts show – Listen LIVE on Felixstowe Radio every Thursday between 6pm and 7pm

EpisodeDate of ChartDate of Show
Episode 218th June to 14th June 19758th Jun 2023
Episode 229th June to 15th June 196615th Jun 2023
Episode 2321st June to 27th June 198122nd Jun 2023
Episode 2428th June to 4th July 199829th Jun 2023
Episode 251st July to 7th July 20016th Jul 2023
Episode 267th July to 13th July 197413th Jul 2023
Episode 2715th July to 21st July 196520th Jul 2023
Episode 2827th July to 2nd August 198027th Jul 2023
Episode 29Best of the 90’s3rd Aug 2023
Episode 30Best of the 80’s17th Aug 2023
Episode 31Best of the 70’s24th Aug 2023
Episode 32Best of the 60’s31st Aug 2023

The Episodes

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