Verso’s Classic Charts – Episodes 1 to 10 (2023)

The first 10 episodes from the new Verso’s Classic charts can be played/downloaded below. Listen live on Felixstowe Radio every Thursday between 6pm to 7pm

EpisodeDate of ChartDate of Show
Episode 119th January to 25th January 198619th Jan 2023
Episode 226th January to 1st February 199226th Jan 2023
Episode 32nd February to 8th February 19652nd Feb 2023
Episode 49th February to 15th February 19939th Feb 2023
Episode 510th February to 16th February 197416th Feb 2023
Episode 619th February to 25th February 198923rd Feb 2023
Episode 72nd March to 8th March 19672nd Mar 2023
Episode 84th March to 10th March 19849th Mar 2023
Episode 910th March to 16th March 199116th Mar 2023
Episode 1021st March to 27th March 200423rd Mar 2023

The Episodes

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