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TitleNumber of FilesInfoComplete
Action87This ran from Feb 14th 1976 until Nov 12th 1977. It’s violent content made this a somewhat controversial publication and it was redrawn from sale for a month in October 1976 and relaunched in a watered down version.Yes
Bullet147Launched on Feb 14th 1976 this ran for just under three years before merging with WarlordYes
Champ87This was the last weekly comic from DC Thomson and ran from Feb 25th 1984 until Oct 19th 1985. Champ swallowed Spike in May 1984 and merged with Victor after it’s final issue.Yes
Champion15The original Champion comic ran from Jan 28th 1922 to Mar 19th 1955. It was relaunched on Feb 26th 1996 and ran until Jun 4th 1996. It merged with Lion.Yes
Cracker87A young persons “humour” comic along the lines of The Beano. It ran from Jan 18th 1975 until Sep 11th 1976 when it merged with The Beezer.Yes
Football Picture Story Monthly53This ran for 418 issues from Jun 1986 until Oct 2003No
Hot-Shot25Another short lived comic. Launched with a fan-fare using Gary Lineker’s name after less than 6 months it merged with Roy of the Rovers. Aug 13th 1988 to Jan 28th 1989Yes
Hoot53This ran for exactly a year from Oct 26th 1985 to Oct 25th 1986 when it merged with The DandyYes
Hurricane63Running from Feb 19th 1964 to May 8th 1965 this was a companion paper to Valiant. Hurricane merged with Tiger following it’s cancellation. Yes
Jag33A sister paper to Lion this ran from May 4th 1968 until Mar 29th 1969 (48 issues) when it merged with Tiger. No
Jet22Another that lasted less than 6 months with issue 1 launching on MAy 1st 1971 and the final issue (number 22) coming out on Sep 18th 1971. The comic merged with Buster. Yes
Plug7575 issues running from Sep 24th 1977 until Feb 24th 1979 when it merged with The BeezerYes
Rover179Having been around since issue 1 on Mar 4th 1922 this incarnation was launched on Aug 16th 1969 and ended on Jan 13th 1973 after 179 issues.Yes
Scoop8Scoop launched on Jan 21st 1978 as a sort of cross between Shoot and Roy of the Rovers and ran for three years before merging with The VictorNo
Scorcher248Scorcher was a football centric comic that ran for 248 issues from Jan 10th 1970 through to Oct 5th 1974 before getting swallowed up by Tiger.Yes
Score n Roar41This was a two comics in one publication until it just became Score from issue 34. A total of 41 issues were made debuting on Sep 19th 1970 and finishing on Jun 26th 1971 before merging with Scorcher the following week. Yes
Scream15Only 15 issues produced launching on Mar 24th 1984 and coming to a somewhat abrupt end on Jun 30th 1984. The ending was caused by industrial action and some of the unfinished stories continued in Eagle from the September of 1984Yes
Speed31Launched on Feb 23rd 1980 as a companion paper to Tiger this didn’t last long and merged with Tiger in November 1980. 31 issues were published spread over 37 weeks mainly due to industrial action.Yes
Spike67A boys action/adventure comic that ran for 67 issues from Jan 22nd 1983 to Apr 28th 1984. The week after cancellation it merged with Champ. Yes
Tammy64Tammy published 689 issues from 6 Feb 1971 to 23 Jun 1984. Tammy over the years absorbed Sally, June, Sandie, Jinty and Misty before being swallowed up by GirlNo
The Crunch54Jan 20th 1979 through to Jan 26th 1980 the paper lasted just one full year before merging with Hotspur.Yes
Tornado22Another short lived title that first appeared on Mar 24th 1979 and disappearing on Aug 18th 1979 before merging with 2000AD from the Aug 25th 1979 issueYes
Wildcat13The first issue was a giveaway with 2000AD, Eagle and Whizzer & Chips the week before issue one came out on Oct 22nd 1988. The publication lasted 22 weeks with the final issue coming out on Mar 25th 1989. The comic then merged with Eagle. Yes

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