Themed Quizzes

Download full quizzes by clicking on the link in the QUIZ column. The majority of the quizzes follow the same format:- 10 questions per round. All rounds are general knowledge but many are themed. 

Disclaimer:- Some rounds may be repeated in some quizzes

Quiz NameRoundsSubjects
80’s8Film Quotes, In the News, Toys & Games, Connections, Music, Initial Letter and Stick or Twist
Christmas8Film & TV, Number 1’s, Dinner, Sport, Panto, Around the World, Carols and Connections
Christmas 28A pack containing 4 complete Christmas based quizzes and 6 picture rounds
Comedy9TV & Films, Connections, Just for Laughs, Points Builder, Initial Letter Link, Funny ha ha, Double Trouble and a handout round
East Anglian Football825 question all about East Anglian Football
Gavin & Stacey830 Questions all about the BBC smash hit comedy Gavin & Stacey
Music 1900’s, Lyrics, Who is Missing, 60’s, Month, Brit Pop, How We Were Named, The Beatles, 80’s and One Hit Wonders
Music 29Ireland, Sports Day, Britpop Lyrics, Novelty, S/A/W, All Creatures, In Common, Ladies First and Name the Album
Music 39Mixed Bag 1, November, MB 2, Lead Singers, MB 3, Flowers of Scotland, MB4, Football Songs, MB 5 and Connections
Sport 110Football 1, Cricket, Football 2, Golf, Football 3, Mixed Sports, Football 4 and Sporting Cheats

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