Released:- 15th June 1978
Official Release Number:- 18
Dylan Vinyl Number:- 19

Part nineteen of the DYLAN VINYL collection which is a brand-new collection of every single Bob Dylan album on high-quality 180-gram vinyl plus a collectors’ magazine

Street Legal is often overlooked in the Bob Dylan catalog, but it is a stunning album that deserves recognition. Released in 1978, it marked a departure from the more experimental sound of Dylan’s previous album, Desire, and returned to a more straightforward rock sound. The album opens with “Changing of the Guards,” a song that sets the tone for the rest of the record. It features a driving beat and Dylan’s trademark poetic lyrics. “Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)” is another standout track, with its haunting melody and vivid storytelling.

The album also features some of Dylan’s most beautiful love songs, such as “Is Your Love in Vain?” and “Baby Stop Crying.” These songs showcase Dylan’s ability to write tender, heartfelt lyrics that still manage to be subtly complex. While some critics at the time criticised Street Legal for being too commercial, it has aged well and is now recognised as a great album in its own right. It may not have the cultural significance of albums like Highway61 Revisited or Blonde on Blonde, but it is still a powerful record that deserves more attention.

In conclusion, if you haven’t given Street Legal a chance, I highly recommend giving it a listen. It’s a testament to Dylan’s versatility as an artist, and it’s a reminder that sometimes the overlooked gems are the ones that shine the brightest.

Side 1
Changing of the Guards
New Pony
No Time to Think
Baby, Stop Crying

Side 2
Is Your Love in Vain?
Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)
True Love Tends to Forget
We Better Talk This Over
Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat)

My Top Three

1) Changing of the Guards
The song is a six-minute epic with a complex melody and profound lyrics that are open to interpretation. The song features a catchy refrain that repeats throughout the song, “all the truth in the world adds up to one big lie.”

The lyrics of the song are a reflection of Dylan’s disillusionment with the state of the world in the late70s. He sings about the changing of the guard, the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one. He talks about how the old ways are dying, and a new order is emerging, one that is prone to deception and betrayal.

2) Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)
The song is a haunting and powerful commentary on the relationship between the United States and Latin America, with a particular focus on the exploitation of the region by American corporations. The lyrics tell the story of a man trying to escape his past and find redemption in a foreign land, but being constantly thwarted by the forces of greed and oppression. Dylan’s gravelly voice and sparse, evocative instrumentation create a sense of urgency and desperation that perfectly captures the song’s themes.

3) Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat) 
Featuring Dylan’s signature poetic lyrics and a driving beat. It tells the story of a man searching for his lover in a dark and dangerous world, filled with violence and chaos. The song can bee interpreted as a commentary on the political turmoil and social unrest of the time, as well as a personal reflection on Dylan’s own struggles.

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