Released:- 20th August 1979
Official Release Number:- 19
Dylan Vinyl Number:- 20

Part twenty of the DYLAN VINYL collection which is a brand-new collection of every single Bob Dylan album on high-quality 180-gram vinyl plus a collectors’ magazine

The album marked a departure from Dylan’s previous work, as it was heavily influenced by his newfound Christian faith. Slow Train Coming features ten tracks, all of which are infused with gospel and blues elements, and the lyrics reflect Dylan’s spiritual journey

The backing band included legendary musicians such as Mark Knopfler, Pick Withers, and Tim Drummond. The album was met with mixed reviews upon its release, with some critics praising Dylan’s newfound religious fervor, while others criticized the heavy-handed religious themes

Side 1
Gotta Serve Somebody
Precious Angel
I Believe in You
Slow Train

Side 2
Gonna Change My Way of Thinking
Do Right to Me Baby (Do Unto Others)
When You Gonna Wake Up
Man Gave Names to All the Animals
When He Returns

My Top Three

1) Gotta Serve Somebody
The story of a person who must choose between serving God or serving the devil. The lyrics are simple yet profound, with Dylan’s signature storytelling style shining through. The chorus repeats the line “You’re gonna have to serve somebody”, emphasizing the idea that everyone must choose their path in life and serve something or someone

The song has been interpreted by many as a religious song, but it can also be seen as a commentary on the choices we make in our daily lives. It reminds us that we must take responsibility for our actions and choose wisely.

2) Slow Train
Slow Train is a powerful commentary on the state of the world and the need for change. The song is driven by a pulsing rhythm and Dylan’s distinctive vocals, as he sings about the slow train that is taking us all towards our inevitable destination. The lyrics are full of vivid imagery and powerful metaphors, as Dylan paints a picture of a world that is in crisis. He calls for a new way of thinking, and urges his listeners to take action to make the world a better place.

3) Precious Angel
A gospel-inspired song that reflects Dylan’s newfound faith in Christianity. The lyrics speak of a precious angel who has saved the singer from the darkness and helped him find his way to the light.

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