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Home Run

Every Tuesday from 4pm to 6pm. An eclectic mix of guests and music. Got a business, hobby, charity, fund raiser or anything you want to chat about? Or just come in and pick the playlist.

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The Sensational 60’s

A brand new show replacing the Classic Charts. Each show is a collections of songs from the 1960’s. I have a while year of shows planned and will aim not to repeat any songs for the full year.

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Sunday Specials

First aired on Sunday September 3rd in the slot that was formerly the Now! show. Two hours of great themed music and trivia every Sunday lunchtime with the occasional guest.

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Now That’s…

The forerunner to The Sunday Specials was broadcast every Sunday from 12pm to 2pm. Two hours of music with songs that have appeared on one of the many Now! compilations and a selection of number one hits from 1952 through to current day.

Classic Charts

This was broadcast every Thursday 6pm to 7pm. An hour of hits from the chart ON THIS WEEK in history. 60’s through to the 2010’s. Concentrating on the UK Single’s charts with the occasional dip into the album charts.

Other Bits

Shows where I guest present on Felixstowe Radio and interviews and other odds and ends. Filling in on the Ultimate 80’s, Saturday morning shows and even a go at a breakfast show!

Music Quiz

16 participants all answering 10 music questions questions. Top 8 qualify for the quarter finals. All recorded for broadcast. Some live and some prerecorded. Semi finals and final will be broadcast LIVE.


Various interviews that have appeared on my radio shows. Broken down to just the interview section. Hoping to build on this with more “star” names.


One off shows featuring many of music’s legends. Used as schedule fillers. Each episode focussing on one band/artist.

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