It can be frustrating to purchase a quiz only to find out that it does not meet your needs or expectations, especially when you have paid a premium price for it. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence on many websites that sell quizzes. Many of these quizzes are overpriced and not worth the money that people are paying for them.

However, there is a solution to this problem. On Verso Media, you can download all of the quizzes for free. This means that you do not have to worry about wasting your money on a quiz that may not be fit for purpose. Additionally, you can rest assured that the quizzes available on this website have been thoroughly tested and are of high quality.

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Mixed Quiz – This quiz platform is perfect for downloading full bespoke quizzes, creating your own personalised quiz, featuring multiple themed rounds, general knowledge questions, and much more.

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The Grosvenor Felixstowe

Excel Quizzes – Enjoyable and somewhat habit-forming quizzes on Excel featuring pictures. Simply click on the icon to access them.

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Picture/Table Rounds – The rounds are intended to enhance the Pub Quiz as intermediate rounds for any quiz. Simply click on the icon for the quizzes.

Picture/Table rounds is currently WORK IN PROGRESS