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The majority of the quizzes follow the same format:- 10 questions per round. All rounds are general knowledge but many are themed. 

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Disclaimer:- Some rounds may be repeated in some quizzes

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Pub Quiz 18Scotland, Valentines Day, Books & Authors, Adverts & Slogans, Ghosts & Ghouls, Connections, Numbers and Children’s Corner
Pub Quiz 28General, The Oscars, Wales, 70’s Albums, Connections, Dickens, Sport and Chip Week
Pub Quiz 37Nice & Easy, Christmas Movies, Historically Speaking, Christmas Time, Children’s Time, Christmas Trivia and The 1980’s
Pub Quiz 48The F Word, Crime & Punishment, January, Golden Oldies TV, Children’s Time, Food & Drink, The Finish Lines Beckons & Music Time
Pub Quiz 57Authors, Music, Kids Time, Ghosts & Ghouls, TV, November 5th and General
Pub Quiz 68UK Names, Beer Garden, A Year in the Life, Fictional Pubs, Plurals, At the Movies, Crime & Punishment and Sport
Pub Quiz 78TV & Film, Pop Music, People & Places, Words & Spelling, Fictional Addresses, Adverts, History Time and Sporting Greats
Pub Quiz 89Nicknames, Time at the Bar, Connect Me, Wat Was Thingy In?, Cup Of, Naughty Naughty, Number Two, General and Where is It?
Pub Quiz 99St George, Are You Smarter, Formula 1, Children’s Lit, Beer, IT, Backing Bands, Wales and Maiden Names
Pub Quiz 106TV, Invented First, Science & Nature, Action Movies, Historically Speaking and Food & Drink
Pub Quiz 119Sport, Music, Geography, Books, Films, Science, Tech, Television and Royals
Pub Quiz 129Nicknames, Time at the Bar, Connect Me, The UK, Acronyms, Walt Said It, 2016, What Was Thingy In and General
Pub Quiz 139Alan, US TV, 2018 Music, Books, Quotes, World Beers, Premier League Managers, Places and Alliterative Actors
Pub Quiz 14970’s Albums, Books & Authors, Connections, Football Anagrams, Beer, Who Said, Schools, Prisons and Horses
Pub Quiz 158True or False, At the Movies, The Final Frontier, A Colourful Round, Entertainment, Advertising Slogans, Sport and Numbers

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