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For years, I had a strong desire to delve into the world of podcasting. In fact, as early as 2012, I reached out to a friend to inquire about creating one together. Despite numerous conversations, nothing ever came to fruition. Nonetheless, my determination persisted and in 2021, I finally released my inaugural podcast. As my interest grew, I became involved with multiple podcasts.

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Felixstowe’s Finest

My debut in broadcasting began with Felixstowe’s Finest, a show dedicated to celebrating the residents of Felixstowe. It was just me conversing with them, and we aired three episodes. The first episode was released in August 2021, and two more followed before transforming into VERSO’s PROCK CAST.

The Comedy Room

A friend I met on Twitter and I co-created THE COMEDY ROOM, where we discuss various forms of comedy such as sitcoms, panel shows, and stand-up. We dive into anything that makes us laugh (or sometimes doesn’t), except for Miranda and Mrs. Brown’s Boys, as we don’t consider them to be comedy.

Verso’s Prock Cast

After reaching out to Andy Proctor, I inquired if he would be interested in appearing on FELIXSTOWE’S FINEST. Following a conversation, we agreed to collaborate on a podcast, which resulted in the creation of our show. Throughout the episodes, we delve into all aspects of Felixstowe, including its location, past, current state, future prospects, and, naturally, its inhabitants.

Three Men and a?

THREE MEN AND A? is a joint endeavor between Adam “Parky” Parkins and Andrew “Hammy” Hammond and myself. The topics are wide open – we could discuss sports, music, television, movies, maybe politics and definitely with humour and beer. We may have the occasional guest join us as well.

The Versey’s on TV

A podcast I host with my wife Katie all about television. It started out as WHAT WAS HE IN? but we tweaked the name after two episodes.

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