I had been wanting to get into PODCASTING for many a year. As far back as 2012 I first contacted a friend and asked about doing one. Lots of chat behind the scenes without anything ever happening. The years went by but I still wanted to do something so in 2021 I finally published my first Podcast. The hobby got bigger and bigger and now I have been involved with several podcasts.

WHAT WAS HE IN AGAIN? is a Television podcast I host with my wife Katie. NEW for 2023

THREE MEN AND A? is a collaboration with two long time friends, Adam “Parky” Parkins and Andrew “Hammy” Hammond. Anything goes really. Sitting chatting about sport, music, TV, films, comedy, beer and maybe even a bit of politics. We’ll occasionally have guests.

I contacted Andy Proctor to ask if he’d like to be a guest on FELIXSTOWE’S FINEST. We had a chat and decided we’d produce a cast together and this was born. In the episodes we talk all about Felixstowe. The place, the history, the present, the future and of course, the people.

THE COMEDY ROOM is a collaboration with a friend I met on Twitter. We chat about comedy. Sitcoms, panel shows, stand ups etc. If it’s funny (and sometimes not) then we’ll chat about it. Except Miranda and Mrs Brown’s Boys as they’re not comedy.

Felixstowe’s Finest was my first foray into the world of broadcasting. The idea was to champion the people of Felixstowe. Just me and them having a chat. It lasted for three episodes. Episode 1 was released on August 2021 and was quickly followed by 2 more episodes before evolving into VERSO’S PROCK CAST.