Released:- 17th January 1974
Official Release Number:- 14
Dylan Vinyl Number:- 14

Part fourteen of the DYLAN VINYL collection which is a brand-new collection of every single Bob Dylan album on high-quality 180-gram vinyl plus a collectors’ magazine

“Planet Waves” was released in 1974 and marked the return to Columbia Records after a brief stint with Asylum Records. The album features the backing band The Band, who had previously worked with Dylan on the infamous “The Basement Tapes” recordings.

“Planet Waves” is a raw and stripped-down album, with Dylan’s trademark lyrics taking center stage. The album’s opener, “On A Night Like This,” sets the tone with its catchy melody and romantic lyrics. The album also features Dylan’s ode to his then-wife, Sara, in “Dirge” and the introspective “Forever Young.

”The Band’s influence is evident in tracks like “Tough Mama” and “Going, Going, Gone,” which showcase their signature sound of bluesy rock and roll. The album’s standout track, “Wedding Song,” is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Dylan’s wife.

Overall, “Planet Waves” is a solid addition to Dylan’s discography. It’s not his most groundbreaking work, but it’s an album that showcases his songwriting prowess and the chemistry between him and The Band.

Side 1
On a Night Like This
Going, Going, Gone
Tough Mama
Something There Is About You
Forever Young

Side 2
Forever Young
You Angel You
Never Say Goodbye
Wedding Song

My Top Three

1) Forever Young
The song is a touching tribute to the power of youth and the hope that it brings for the future. The lyrics are both nostalgic and optimistic, urging listeners to embrace their youth and never lose their sense of wonder and curiosity. Dylan’s distinctive voice and poetic lyrics make this song a standout in his vast catalog of work. “Forever Young” is a reminder that no matter how old we get, we can always hold onto the spirit of youth and keep dreaming of a better tomorrow.

2) On a Night Like This
The song has a slow and romantic melody that complements the lyrics perfectly. It talks about a love that is strong enough to withstand the test of time and distance.

3) Going, Going, Gone
he song speaks of the inevitability of change and the fleeting nature of time. Dylan’s voice is filled with emotion as he sings of a world that is rapidly changing and disappearing, leaving nothing but memories behind.

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