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TitleNumber of FilesInfoComplete
2000 AD1,818Launched on Feb 26th 1977 this title is still being published today. My collection goes up to 2018No
Battle663Mar 8th 1975 saw issue one of Battle. The title finally ended on Jan 23rd 1988 when it merged with Eagle. Over the years it had many titles:- Battle Picture Weekly, Battle Action, Battle, Battle Action Force, Back to just Battle and finally Battle with Storm Force.Yes
Commando645First released in September 1961 this title is still being produced today. With over 5,500 issues my collection is a mere snapshot of the war story book.No
Eagle935The first version of the comic ran for over 900 issues from Apr 14th 1950 to Apr 26th 1969 before merging with Lion.No
Eagle505Relaunched to much fanfare on Mar 27th 1982 the comic ran for 472 issues as a weekly with the last issue out on Apr 6th 1991. From Jun 1991 until Jan 1994 the publication came out monthly.Yes
Hotspur1,083This originally ran from Sep 2nd 1933 to Oct 17th 1959 before being relaunched on Oct 24th 1959 as The New Hotspur (this collection) and ran for 1,110 issues coming to an end on Jan 24th 1981 when it merged with The VictorNo
Lion1,112This ran for 1,156 issues from Feb 23rd 1959 until May 18th 1974 when it merged with Valiant. No
Roy of the Rovers705The daddy of football comics. The titular character first appeared in Tiger and spun off into his own comic on Sep 25th 1976 for 851 issues (numbered to 853 as there were two double issues) ending on Mar 20th 1993No
The Hornet648This title ran for 13 years from Sep 14th 1963 through to Feb 7th 1976 before merging with The HotspurYes
Tiger1,467Running for 1,573 issues from Sep 11th 1954 through to Mar 30th 1985. This was my favourite publication. Over the years it merged with 6 titles:- Tiger incorporating the Champion, Tiger and Comet, Tiger and Hurricane, Tiger and Jag, Tiger and Scorcher and finally Tiger and Speed. Tiger merged into Eagle on Apr 6th 1985No
Valiant712A boys action/adventure comic that ran from Oct 4th 1962 and lasting 14 years with final issue dated Oct 16th 1976. The following week the title became part of Battle.Yes
Victor1,657Know as The Victor this ran from Jan 25th 1961 through to Nov 21st 1992. Featuring sports, war, adventure and science fictionYes
Warlord627Another war based comic that ran for exactly 12 years from Sep 28th 1974 until Sep 27th 1986. This merged with VictorYes
Wizard437The original ran from Sep 22nd 1922 until Nov 16th 1963. The title was relaunched on Feb 14th 1970 until Jun 10th 1978Yes

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