Over the years, I have had the opportunity to feature on various radio shows. One of my most memorable moments was my first-ever radio appearance on the Danny Baker show. Mere minutes discussing Subbuteo but what an experience.

Another show that I had the pleasure of being a guest on was Rob Dunger’s show on Felixstowe Radio. I have been on his show more than once, and each time I appear on the show, it is always a great experience. Rob is an excellent host who knows how to make his guests feel comfortable and at ease.

In addition to these shows, I have made appearances covering the Ultimate 80s. These shows were an incredible opportunity to revisit some of the most iconic music from that era and share my thoughts on them.

I also had the opportunity to appear on Radio Suffolk, where I discussed the popular TV show, Neighbours and its demise after 37 years (before its resurrection a few months later).

All shows covering for other presenters

Interviews and snippets from other radio stations and of course Felixstowe Radio

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