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Disclaimer:- All files are CBZ format and will need a CBZ reader of some kind installed on your device

TitleNumber of FilesInfoComplete
ALF59Running from Mar 1988 to Feb 1992 for 50 issues. Includes several annuals and specialsYes
Rick & Morty50Running from 2015 to the present day based on the TV series of the same name. No
The Boys72Running monthly from Oct 2006 and concluding in Nov 2012. Now turned into a successful TV showYes
The Walking Dead194 Running for 193 monthly issues from Oct 2003 to July 2019 the comics came to an end long before the over running TV series did. This collection includes a 10th anniversary re-release of issue 1.Yes
Various18 A few odds and ends of other comics nd compilations from over the yearsNo

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