My Visit to F&W

Written on February 2nd 2019 – Before Watty got the sack

Delwood Avenue

There’s that old saying “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”. A bit poor as far as sayings go but it fits my relationship with F&W. I’ve never really liked them and the reasons are a bit rubbish. The dislike stems from the days many moons ago when they used to have Ninky McKinnon on the bench whilst lesser players would start. That didn’t sit well with me and I told a few of them back in the day exactly what I thought of them.

Then there was the merger with Walton United and in more recent times I fell out with with a leading member of the set up. Over darts! So I kept away. The more the time went on the more I dug in my heals.

Anyway. I watched from afar as the club progressed both on and off the field. Even when my long time friend Watty got involved and made his way to the hot seat. The man in charge. People would ask me along. I always declined. A couple of times I got drunk and slagged them off on Facebook. That was childish. So I promised myself this season, their first in the Isthmian League, that I’d attend a game. I was a bit gutted that my social calendar is so full I missed the Olly Murs game and a scheduled game when I would meet with mates. But that fell through due to illness.

So at 1pm on Saturday February 2nd I walked the 5 1/2 minutes from my house to Dellwood Avenue. A few beers in the clubhouse before kick off. I made my way to the turnstiles and a somewhat surprised Mr Daynes welcomed me to the club. Into the club I went and was immediately welcomed by old mates Geezer, Pinder and Dunney. We exchanged handshakes and enjoyed a few beers. As the time went on the place began to fill up. More old mates and a good few Felixstowe legends. The game kicked off and after filling my glass (again) with the very nice Seasiders Cask Ale I joined Bolty outside. Just in time for F&W to score. Superb they’d gone 1 0. I was a good luck charm.

Although it wasn’t 1-0. It was 2. I missed the first goal. Whoops. Oh well. 2-0 was good and that’s how it stayed as half time was called. Another pint of Seasiders and a good old Brexit chat with Dave Lambert got me through to the start of the second half. Heybridge got a penalty. I told Bainsy that Crumpy would save. I was only half right. The penalty was saved but Crumpy is long gone. Jack Spurling is now the custodian. Top glove work. Not long after it was 3. I could happily retire back to the clubhouse knowing that I’d seen a win.

Another hour with more of the Seasiders ale (surely now I’ve mentioned it 3 or 4 times I’m due a free pint?) and some selfies with players, fans and managers.  At 6pm it was time to leave and pick up the tea from the local Chinese.


Dicks out?

A top day out. Every single person involved with Felixstowe and Walton should be extremely proud of themselves. What those guys (and girls) have achieved is something short of amazing The club and it’s committee should all pat themselves on the back. As for me? Well we all know I can be a funny bugger at times. As far as my (made up) feud with Felixstowe and Walton goes it’s long in the past. I will return……….

Top mentions to the Ainsley brothers who I’ve know for many a year, Danny Bloomfield and Julian Dicks. What a man. His team got done and he still went to the bar signing autographs and having selfies with idiots. Only downside to the day was my Watty wasn’t there. Oh well there’s always next time 🙂