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Various Magazines

Here you can find several magazines from various genres.

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Crime Monthly, Murder Most Foul, Real Crime, and True Crime are all monthly publications that cover true crime cases from around the world. These magazines provide in-depth coverage of notorious crimes, including interviews with victims, witnesses, and law enforcement officials. They also offer analysis and commentary on the criminal justice system. 88 files

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Magazine is a monthly publication dedicated to the popular British science fiction TV series Doctor Who. It features news, interviews, reviews, and behind-the-scenes information about the show and its spin-offs, as well as exclusive comic strips and merchandise. The magazine has been in publication since 1979. 163 files

Other Mags

Various other magazines. Classic Pop is a music magazine that covers pop music from the1980s and beyond. Smash Hits was a popular music magazine in the1980s that featured song lyrics, interviews, and posters. Uncut is a music magazine that covers a range of genres from rock to folk. Viz is a British comic magazine that features satirical and irreverent humour. 691 files

TV Mags

TV listing and features magazines. BEEB and Look-in were weekly British magazines that covered television, music, and film. Radio Times and TV Times are UK-based magazines that provides listings and articles on radio and television programming. TV Zone was a British magazine that specialised in coverage of science fiction, fantasy, and horror television shows. 1,520 files