July 5th 2023

This week was eventful, to say the least. We encountered sound problems, abuse (at me), tantrums (including my own), a mini walkout (again, me), but most importantly, we had another fantastic quiz and a record-breaking turnout for the fifth consecutive month.

After resolving the aforementioned issues, we witnessed yet another new winner, or rather, two winners, as we had our first tie. Smidge dominated the Family Fortunes round, sharing the victory with the debutantes, The Quiztastic.

Remember, folks, Verso is always right, even when he’s wrong (though that’s rare). Oh, and don’t expect any half points in my quiz. Also, please avoid choosing the most secluded spot at the back of the pub and then complaining to me you cannot hear while I’m trying to fix the speakers.

July 5th 2023 – The Scoreboard

Download the quiz:- July 5th 2023
Download a scoreboard and answer sheets:- Scoreboard and Answer sheet

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