Released:- 27th December 1967
Official Release Number:- 8
Dylan Vinyl Number:- 8

Part eight of the DYLAN VINYL collection which is a brand-new collection of every single Bob Dylan album on high-quality 180-gram vinyl plus a collectors’ magazine

John Wesley Harding is a folk rock album that features ten tracks and is one of Dylan’s most understated works. The album marked a significant departure from Dylan’s previous works, which were characterised by their political undertones. Instead, John Wesley Harding is an introspective album that reflects on themes such as death, morality, and faith

The album opens with “John Wesley Harding,” a song that tells the story of a notorious outlaw who was betrayed by his friend. The track sets the tone for the rest of the album, which is filled with similarly haunting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. Other standout tracks on the album include “All Along the Watchtower,” “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight,” and “The Wicked Messenger.”John Wesley Harding is a timeless album that showcases Dylan’s songwriting skills at their best.

So when you see your neighbor carrying somethin’ Help him with his load
The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest

Side 1
John Wesley Harding
As I Went Out One Morning
I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine
All Along the Watchtower
The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
Drifter’s Escape

Side 2
Dear Landlord
I Am a Lonesome Hero
I Pity the Poor Immigrant
The Wicked Messenger
Down Along the Cove
I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight

My Top Three

1) The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
The song tells the story of two men, Frankie Lee and Judas Priest, who embark on a journey together. As they travel, Judas Priest betrays Frankie Lee, stealing his money and leaving him stranded in the desert. The song is often interpreted as an allegory for the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot. Dylan’s use of symbolism and metaphor makes the song open to multiple interpretations, but its haunting melody and Dylan’s distinctive vocals make it a standout track on an album full of understated brilliance.

2) I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
This song captures the essence of love and romance. The song’s gentle melody and soothing lyrics convey a deep sense of affection and tenderness, making it a popular choice for couples. Dylan’s signature husky voice adds a touch of raw emotion to the song, creating a beautiful and heartfelt experience for listeners. 

3) I Am a Lonesome Hobo
Almost went for “Watchtower” but that’s too easy. This song tells the story of a wandering hobo, who finds himself alone and forgotten in the world. Dylan’s raw and emotional vocals capture the pain and loneliness of the character.

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