History of Websites

A brief history of my life with websites

Verso’s Websites

I’ve had an involvement with websites since around 1998/99 when I was doing a bit of writing for Walton United before they were controversially merged with Felixstowe Town. I wrote under the pen name of The Inner Thigh and gained quite a following with my weekly club notes that were published in the Green Un.

When the club died I wanted no part of the new set up and The Inner Thigh retired. It was also around this time a shrink at St Clements suggested I jot down some of my memories as he thought

The almost famous VERSO.ME.UK website

it would be therapeutic. Over a few beers a couple of mates suggested I publish my thoughts so I purchased a domain and www.theinnerthigh.com was born.

That site didn’t last long as I wanted to extend things and play around with Microsoft Frontpage and incorporate the things I was doing with Felixstowe Harpers. The next domain was www.verso.me.uk which ran for 5 or 6 years. Encouraged by Andy Proctor I honed my skills and within a couple of years I was building websites for customers.

The Felixstowe Harpers website was getting unwanted attention from the local footballing authorities so it was closed down which led to the development of

The Suffolk Sports Forum

my most successful site The Suffolk Sports Forum. This site was co-owned by my old mate Gaffer and at one stage had almost 300 members. Highlights of owning this site included sponsoring a Suffolk based lady dart player for a year as well as sponsoring a Felixstowe & Walton FA cup match.

As with most things in life all good things have to come to an end so after yet another run in with the local football authorities and a battle with forum member welshwatcher who launched a DARTS IS NOT A SPORT campaign we decided enough is enough and pulled the plug.

After the closure of the SSF I tried unsuccessfully to recapture the magic with other sports based forums but that ship had well and truly sailed. The next couple of years I built up a pretty decent port folio of third party websites and concentrated on those. A change in career then led me to not having as much time as I wanted to dedicate to websites so nowadays all I host is this site.