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Download full quizzes by clicking on the link in the QUIZ column. These quizzes are primarily used as “handout” rounds. These could be pictures, cryptic quizzes or general knowledge. 

Disclaimer:- Some rounds may be repeated in some quizzes
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Quiz NameQuizzesSubjects
Football81990’s Footballers, British Football Stadiums, English Premier League Managers, European Nations, Football Statues, Non League, Scottish Football Clubs and Who Did I Play For
Music6Band’s of the 80’s, Boyband, Britpop, Girlgroups, Rappers Delight and Rock & Metal
Other Sport5Cricket, Rugby Union, Tennis, US Sports Teams and Wrestlers
Other Stuff9Amiga, Boobs, Capital Cities, Car Brands, Death 2016, Death 2017, Eyes, Maps and Numbers & Letters
TV & Film7Cartoons, Eastenders, Gameshows, Masters of the Universe, Simpsons Guests, Sitcoms and Watching the Detectives

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