Some classic comics

Comics were big business throughout the late 19th century and through the 20th century until the early 90’s when the video game explosion put paid to the art of reading. I first got into comics in the mid 70’s. Initially reading friend’s copies of Tiger before I started to get my own. It was Tiger and Roy of the Rovers for me and Bunty and Jackie for the girls (I may have read those too).

Every Saturday I’d head to the newsagent and pick up my comics along with a tin of Top Deck shandy and a quarter of pear drops. Then back home to read during the ad breaks of TISWAS.

My favourites were the likes of Roy Race, Billy Dane, Hamish Balfour, Kevin Mouse, Dougie Batson, Sintek, Johnny Cougar and many many more. In late 2020 I found a few copies of Tiger and it made me want to read them all over again. Ebay proved expensive for the original paper copies so I went down the route of finding digital copies. I started with Tiger and Roy of the Rovers (obviously) but as you can see the collection now encompasses many more titles and genres.

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Featuring the yearly annuals and holiday specials from 200AD, Battle, Eagle (both runs), Lion, Roy of the Rovers, Scorcher, Tiger, Tornado, TV Action, TV Comic, TV Tornado, TV21, Victor, Wildcat and several TV show annuals from the 1970’s. 333 files

Stories than ran in the comics for several years. Full stories featuring:- Billy’s Boots, Dan Dare (Eagle 2nd series), Football Family Robinson, Hot-Shot Hamish, Jimmy Grant, Johnny Cougar, Martin’s Marvelous Mini, Mighty Mouse, Nipper, Roy of the Rovers, Safest Hands in Soccer, Skid Solo, The Hard Man, The Thirteenth Floor and Tommy’s Troubles. 99 files

Story compilations from weekly comics and annuals. comics include:- Action, Battle, Bullet, Champ, Champion, Eagle, Hornet, Hot-Shot, Hurricane, Jet, Roy of the Rovers, Scorcher, Score n Roar, Scream, Speed and Tiger. 363 files

Comics that weren’t around for long or I don’t have a lot of. Comics included here are:- Action, Bullet, Champ, Champion, Cracker, Football Picture Story Monthly, Hot-Shot, Hoot, Hurricane, Jag, Jet, Plug, Rover, Scoop, Scorcher, Score n Roar, Scream, Speed, Spike, The Crunch, Tornado and Wildcat. 1,489 files

The long stayers which include:- 200AD, Battle, Commando, Eagle (both runs), Hotspur, Lion, Roy of the Rovers, The Hornet, Tiger, Valiant, Victor, Warlord and Wizard. 13,014 files

A few one offs, rarities and some modern American graphic novels such as The Boys and The Walking Dead. 395 files

Comics featuring all your TV favourites. Titles are:- TV Action, TV Comic, TV Tornado, TV21 and T21 Century. 837 files