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As someone who enjoys expressing themselves through various forms of media, writing has always been a natural outlet for me. Throughout the years, I have written. Not as often as I like but I tick over. In this section, you’ll find a collection of my writing work, both old and new. Some of these pieces may have been salvaged from other phases of my life, while others are more recent creations.

Whether it’s a tale about my life or an opinion piece that challenges your perspective, I hope that my writing will leave a lasting impression on you. Writing allows me to explore new ideas and perspectives, and I’m excited to share my work with you. So take a look around, read a few pieces, and see where my words take you.

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Bits and pieces from my life. Stories of woe and wonderment


Mainly Ipswich Town but some England and even a bit of local football.


If it’s not football and it’s a sport then it’s in here


Music, television and film. Reviews and stories


Other blogs that are not topic specific including the murky world of politics

Guest Blogs

GUEST BLOGGERS – Got something to say but no outlet? Let me know and I’ll create a section all for you.