Aug 2022

Start DateFinish Date# DaysTitleSeriesSeries No.AuthorPages
1st Aug3rd Aug2Mr Todd’s ReckoningIain Maitland276
4th Aug6th Aug2Then and NowR J Gould260
7th Aug8th Aug1Lifes a PitchJ C Williams269
10th Aug15th Aug5MeantimeFrankie Boyle359
18th Aug24th Aug6Harvey King Unboxes His FamilyJ B Morrison257
24th Aug27th Aug3The Fifth ThunderboltThe Fifth Tweet Trilogy2Roy M Burgess325
30th Aug31st Aug1EminenceThe Angel of Camden1Keith A Pearson350

Just the 7 books read this month totaling 2,096 pages. Cumulative totals for the year:- Books 75 Pages 24,573