2022 Top Five Books

To find a top 5 from the 110 books I’d read throughout 2022 was quite a tricky job. But I managed it. Well sort of. I went for 6 in the end! Here’s the spoiler free run down of my chosen six.


For me one of the greatest old fashioned strikers. He was part of the incredible Ipswich Town side of the late 70’s/early 80’s and as the book tells us he was more than just a footballer. He lived life in the proverbial fast lane and sadly passed away aged just 68 on July of 2021. The book was finished with the help of Paul’s family and co author Mark Donaldson. Totaling 336 pages I read this in one sitting on a cold wet Sunday in January

The lead character would not be your friend. In many ways an awful person. But is he? Maverick alcoholic ex copper ticks all the boxes on the cliché form but Robert Hoon is more than a cliché. He made his debut in the DCI Logan series when he was a Detective Superintendent. As mentioned earlier in this series he’s an ex copper. I don’t know how or why he became an ex copper but with 16 books in the Logan series to read I’m sure I’ll find out. Having read this before the parent series wasn’t an issue. It works well as a standalone.


I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to discover the books of one of Scotland’s greatest crime fiction writers but I’m glad I finally broke that particular duck. Allie Burns is an investigative journalist not only battling a world of corruption, terror and murder but being one of only a few women in the newsroom she’s dealing with the daily misogyny. The first of a series and book 2, 1989, is lined up ready to go. I look forward to the inevitable Netflix mini series.


I stumbled upon Katerina Diamond whilst browsing in my local bookshop, The Treasure Chest. I selected THE ANGEL and headed home to read it. After a couple of chapters I realised I was on book 3 of a series. I hastily downloaded the rest and started with this. Within three weeks I’d finished all seven in the series. Fingers crossed there’ll be an eighth. The series features the detective sergeant duo of Imogen Grey and Adrian Miles. Their somewhat troublesome lives interlope with dark murders. An author I highly recommend.


This book features on many people’s list as best book of 2022. I can se why. A psych thriller with a bit of the old timey wimey time travel thrown in. There’s a murder and the protagonist finds herself waking up every day in the past. Why? To get clues and somehow stop the murder taking place. It sounds corny but believe me it’s anything but. To use a book cliché it’s a page turner.


I’m probably not quite in the demographic this book is aimed at. But I don’t care. What a book. As you can see from the rest of this lift (except mariner) I tend to go for the pysch thriller/police procedurals kind of book. But occasionally I’ll try something else. I’m glad I pop out of my favoured zone every now and then. It’s a story of how a 16 year old boy befriends a 72 year old widow and they join forces to save the local library. It’s a heart warming tale of friendship and what can be achieved if we just all help each other. A perfect book.

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