Verso Media

Welcome to Verso Media. A website showcasing my broadcasting hobby as well as featuring my comic and magazine collection, downloadable quizzes and my thoughts and ramblings in the BLOG section. There’s also a section listing my extensive TV collection I call JVTV.

Radio: Now with two shows on Felixstowe Radio. Verso’s Home Run every Thursday from 4pm to 6pm and Now That’s What I Call a No.1 every Sunday from 12pm to 2pm and occasionally I’ll fill in for other presenters sporadically through the schedule.

Podcasts: Podcasting was my first foray into broadcasting. Here you will find all the episodes of my main podcasts and links to one’s I’ve guested on.

Quizzes: I host quizzes in Felixstowe and those I have used over the years can be found here. Other quiz websites charge extortionate prices for full quizzes. Here they are FREE.

Bob Dylan: All of Dylan’s LP’s have been reissued on 180gm vinyl as a monthly parts collection. Here I’ll post about all 41 of the records.

Books: I read. A lot. Here you’ll see my monthly reading list including stats.

Comics: Comics from the 50’s through to present day with a focus on British boys comics such as Roy of the Rovers and Tiger. Articles about the comics and links to allow you to download all the comics for FREE.

Magazines: TV guides such as Radio Times and TV Times along with music mags and many others including Viz and Doctor Who

Blogs: Various pieces of writing from over the years. If you are a blogger with no platform then let me know and you can publish here for free.

JVTV: My collection of TV from around the world. Drama, comedy, documentaries etc. From the UK, America and Australia.