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Welcome to Verso Media, the ultimate destination for broadcasting, comics, magazines, quizzes, and more! This website is dedicated to showcasing my passions and interests, including all my radio shows and podcasts along with my extensive collection of comics and magazines, as well as downloadable quizzes for your entertainment.

Explore the BLOG section to delve into my personal insights and reflections on various subjects, from pop culture to current events.

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Starting in January 2022 on FELIXSTOWE RADIO my two hour VERSO’S HOME RUN show was soon joined by an hour CLASSIC CHART SHOW on a Thursday and a two hour NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL A No.1 on a Sunday.

As of September 2023 the Thursday show will be replaced with a new SENSATIONAL 60’s show and the Sunday show will morph into SUNDAY SPECIALS.


My first foray into the world of broadcasting. A short lived podcast called FELIXSTOWE’S FINEST morphed into the much listened to VERSO’S PROCKCAST. Further podcasts include VERSEYS ON TV which is Katie (wife) and myself discussing television and THREE MEN AND A? which is a debate podcast with mates Parky and Hammy with myself. There has also been several guest appearances on other people’s podcasts.


Writing quizzes is a big passion of mine and I’ve managed to save plenty of them and uploaded to this website.

Whether you are a seasoned quizzer or just looking for a fun activity to do with your friends and family, my quizzes are sure to provide you with hours of entertainment.

All FREE to download

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s music has always had a timeless quality to it, and listening to his records on vinyl only enhances that effect. I signed up to the DylanVinyl.com collection and built up my collection over 20 months receiving two LP’s a month.

Here I review every LP selecting my favourite tracks and give an honest critique.


I have been reading books all my life. At first to escape the harsh realities of life. And now? Probably the same.

Here you’ll see my reading stats and I’ll share reviews and show you all I’ve read.


Over the years, I have written various pieces on different topics that have piqued my interest. Some serious bits but mainly stuff that just pops in my head. I have compiled most of what I had here on this website.

Write yourself but have no platform? Let me know and I’ll sort space here for you. Use the CONTACT form to get in touch.


British comics have a rich history that spans back over several decades. My collection is a mere fraction of what was found on the shelves over the years.

Currently sitting at over 10,000 issues you’ll find many old classics such as sporting greats like Roy of the Rovers and Tiger as well as War comics, kids comics.


TV guides such as Radio Times and TV Times can be found here along with music mags like Smash Hits and Uncut.

Plenty of specialised magazines too including Doctor Who, True Crime and the adult comic Viz.